who doesn't like DODGEBALL?

19 Jan who doesn't like DODGEBALL?

so dead...

There were really only three things that sucked about this morning.  Waking up before the sun comes up or about the same time,  the inability to feel my toes in the cold sand, and doing the backwards bear crawl in the sand.

There are a bunch of things that were the dopeness.  At 7:30AM sharp I was playing freaking Dodgeball on the beach with about fifty other people!  I forgot how fun it is.  I actually forgot how to play, proven by being knocked out in three seconds the first game.  I was dominating by the third, obviously.

My buddy Scott Trepal invited me down to basically the end of Ocean Park on the beach in Santa Monica to partake in one of their Crossfit type beach workouts.  I did Crossfit for about a year but quit because I didn’t like the drive back and forth, time consuming, and the money spent. Lately I’ve been doing some Crossfit workouts on the beach in front of my house with a couple of buddies.  It works well but they haven’t been around lately and I lack the motivation to hit it that hard by myself.  This, however, was a bit more aggressive.  I am sore as I type.  Just took an 800 mg Ibuprofen.

Overall evaluation, I will be spending two days per week doing this.  It was awesome.  People are cool, I got to ride my beach cruiser down there from my house, it’s so f#$%ing early that it ends up starting your day out pretty awesome, and it’s good for you.  I got to wear my snowmobile suit too to fight the frigid weather.  Here is a little video I saw that got me interested.



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