UPDATE – BELONG the movie!!

29 Jan UPDATE – BELONG the movie!!

We are literally days away from having a completed project.  Had to find a bit more cash to pay for the sound design.  Couldn’t get that favor, but it will be well worth it.

It’s almost time for that L.A. party to celebrate, give out T-shirts (Cedric, from the film, is designing them now!!), and show the damn thing to all the supporters!!  Stay tuned for that.  February sometime.

Vyron, aka Left Brain, from ODD FUTURE and MELLOWHYPE was kind enough to do the score for the film.  It’s bad ass.

I am extremely proud of this film, its message against bullying, and its beauty.  I cannot wait to get it out there!!!

My plans are as follows.

1)  Get this into the hands of every ad agency and relative company (i.e. NIKE, LEVI’s, etc) and see if they want to use it in their marketing/advertising as a branded content (it’s a 6 minute movie).  I’ll spend a month doing that.

2)  After #1, I plan on taking this to SXSW.  The film/music festival in Austin, TX.  I will screen it their for their built-in audience and if all goes as planned, Left Brain and MellowHype will do a show along side it!!  WooHOO!!

3)  After SXSW, and if no one has still shown interest in distributing it, I will hit the festival circuit with it but also release it online.  I don’t have it in me to sit on it any longer than March 20th, 2014 or so.

If anyone has any other ideas or contacts and wants to help with SXSW or anything at all, please email me!!  lije@nutbucketfilms.com

I love you all and thanks a ton for your continued support!!!

That’s all I got for now.  Pretty awesome, I think.


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