time to be a SPARTAN and conquer

19 Nov time to be a SPARTAN and conquer


That’s right. It’s been a few weeks now, waiting for this moment, fear in our eyes, destiny in our hands, today we reign terror on the poor mountains of Malibu, CA.

A rigorous 50K race with obstacles that make Mt. Kilimanjaro look easy. Who is going to do this might you ask? Team “MFWIC” is in the house. So badass I don’t even remember what the abbreviation it stands for. In t-minus two hours we will begin our trip to Malibu and be SPARTANS.

What awaits? Barbed wire, head-deep water, thirty-feet ramps slicked with baby oil, javelin tossing 100 yards, an incline so steep it’s like you are climbing backwards, a mudslide, and capped off with gladiators ready to take out your knees.

Wish us luck people. I hope we survive.

speaking on behalf of team MFWIC…Lije

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