Time for Gratitude

18 Aug Time for Gratitude




It’s Wednesday. It took me until today to fully recover from my birthday weekend. Man, I was tired.

Down at Del Mar for the races, thanks Pauline and Sara. I had some excellent company and met up with some serious pals from the old days living in San Diego. Good old times.

I was welcomed back to LA with a day party and a block party. Thanks Cory and the crew from Baby Blues BBQ. Somehow I made it through the day to top it off at my good friend’s going away bash.

Julie is off to London. She will be missed. At least she is leaving behind all of her awesome friends who I have been grateful to get to know over the past couple years.

Sunday followed Saturday as always and I got to hang with some more pals at work. Geez I was tired. I think I went to sleep at 8pm that night.

I had to take Monday off and that rolled into a crazy day, Tuesday, but productive it was. It’s going to be a busting ass of a stretch in August but the good times I┬áhad made it all worth it.

Blessed to have everyone in my life and thanks for the fantastic gifts. Oh! I can’t possibly forget Facebook. Without it there is no way I would have received 300 specially devised “happy birthday” wishes from so many people I don’t get to talk to on a regular basis.

Love you all,

Here are some specially selected photos. I definitely can’t share them all!







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