The kid and I at Underwood Farms for Halloween

28 Oct The kid and I at Underwood Farms for Halloween



I actually forgot what day Halloween was. The day, not the date, stupids. I’m sort of over it this year. I say that every year but somehow I find myself dressed up in a half-ass costume out on the streets of West Hollywood doing god knows what.

Not this year. This is a family Halloween for me and I’ll just watch others celebrate. My celebration happened last weekend when I took the kid to Underwood Farms. If you have a kid, or are a kid, or act like a kid, you have to get your ass up there. I had no idea that a place like that existed here in L.A.

There are giant pigs (definitely don’t exist in L.A.), a corn maze (my favorite), pig races (River’s favorite), tractors, more kids, pumpkins, games, playgrounds, the list is endless. River had a friggin’ blast. Face painted like Spiderman and a badass attitude to go with it. True happiness.

Dodging his classmates from his school, we got the most of that place. At least as much as I could handle in a five-hour period. He would have followed this one kid around all day and then I would have missed out on all the crap I wanted to do! Wink, wink. It’s an hour outside of L.A. and somehow there was traffic on the 405 on the way home on a Sunday. Surprising, huh?

Here are some memories instead of a play-by-play because in all honesty, it was a madhouse, and I might have blacked out. Thank god for my phone. 😉

Wait, I just remembered, there are pumpkins in the trunk of the car that we still have to carve and trick or treating to do on Wednesday! Wow, how life has changed.

Happy Halloween!

Lije & River















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