The Dailey Method

07 Apr The Dailey Method


There are times in class when I feel like I am having a baby. So ladies, I know what in feels like. Just like thigh work.

This post is way overdue. WAY! Truth is, I’ve been too scared to show this photo of me in spandex. I like to use term, “Under Armor”, anyways.

I grew up on a skateboard and a snowboard. I have beat myself up for many years. My back is jacked and posture sort of sucks. I am a regular for the chiropractor. I used to be.

My beautiful fiancé started to teach this Bar Method/Pilates type of exercise like a year ago. I was on the ski lift with one of her co-instructors over New Years and was talked to and convinced that it might fix my brokenness. The convincing was not forced. I want to be fixed. I wanted to. Just like any normal dude, I never wanna listen to my fiancé who had been telling me about it for months.

Fast forward three months. I’ve been doing this stuff at least twice a week since I got back from snowboarding. It has done wonders. For my body, my health, and most of all my back.

I mean, it sucks. I look like a dumbass in a classroom full of girls posing in dance moves and feeling like a ballerina. It’s called “seat” work. I call it ass work. I’m beginning to get that giant dimple in my cheeks. My abs are way better. Believe me, I have a long way to go still. I dread the f$&@ing thigh work. It’s so hard. I shake and twitch like my tongue is stuck in a light socket. Makes me laugh though.

I can’t tell you how awesome I feel. The attention guys get from being in class is insane. Maybe it’s just me. But if I were a guy I’d be doing what I am doing. A roomful of girls helping you exercise. Of course, in a very tasteful way. Super respectful environment.

It’s been so good they asked me to take part in their photo shoot for their new signage. Supposedly I’ll be on an A-frame on Abbot Kinney. I hope not! Normally I’d be embarrassed but it’s not as bad as the one time I helped my friend’s pretzel company out by running out of the ocean in a wetsuit eating a soft pretzel. I feel bad for everyone that has to look at it though. In full tights. Not too hot!

I would rank my favorite instructors but don’t want to hurt any feelings. But they have a class for everyone. Even 6am with my woman. I never see that one but I am sure it’s great.

When I am co-modeling my abs next to Ryan Gosling at the end of the year, you all will know who to thank.

Come join me at The Dailey Method. And no I didn’t get paid to write this. I wish I did. Maybe I’ll try to sell it.

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