The Bucket

05 Aug The first WEBISODE for Football season is up!

  [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Lije and Lenny"]    [/caption]   Well after a frikin' awesome Ribeye grilled by yours truly and some asparagus to make  your pee smell, and a shitty baseball game, Lenny and I finished writing some new ideas for our season of "Baby Blues Football Sundays...

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04 Aug Football Season arrives…Lenny does too!

[youtube=] My partner (non-lover) Lenny is heading to the crib today to work on this season's webisode for Baby Blues BBQ's website!  Pure freaking comedy (we hope).  He is a terrible White Sox fan and I am Detroit Tigers fan and coincidentally they have a very...

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04 Aug Fresh Start

  [caption id="attachment_4" align="alignnone" width="50" caption="new day, new blog, new strategy"][/caption]   Nut Bucket Films (NBF) and Lije (me) are starting fresh.  We are coming back full circle.  This is the beginning of the branding of NBF.  Sifting through options of blog sites I landed with wordpress so...

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