The Bucket

18 Aug Dude tries to Body Slam a COP

[youtube=] Nut Bucket Films and the boys were hanging at a little pub called the "Tilted Kilt" in Denver happened to witness a little altercation between and officer of the law and a wasted dude...

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15 Aug A scary incident!! and a BIG THANK YOU!

  [caption id="attachment_79" align="alignnone" width="200" caption="flabbergast"][/caption] I have now had a couple of days to recover from the intensity of my birthday and man o man I ate a lot.  Kidding, Just a silly iphone app.  I don't even have an iphone.  My best pal Kasey from...

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12 Aug Birthday blog

Today is officially the birthday. I feel great. I feel younger and stronger and more powerful. Like those dudes in the hair transplant commercials. All joking aside, I am blessed to have so many great friends and family and I thank you all....

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