The Bucket

02 Sep Take a damn break

Life is a bitch sometimes. Not saying it is currently but I just know it can be. But life can be pretty dang awesome too. This is Labor Day weekend folks. All I can think about while I stare at these giant waves on this grey...

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01 Sep Creepin'…fans, watch out!

I went and got coffee this morning and was talking to my buddy, Gus, at Groundworks, like most of my mornings. We started rapping about the usual topics and sports came up, as always. And the Tigers came up. And then the Lions came up....

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24 Aug just a taste…of a new Artist

[caption id="attachment_1548" align="aligncenter" width="555" caption="Duane Cali and his "Simple Girl""][/caption] I keep telling everybody that I have been working on this music video.  Well I have.  For a month. The shoot itself only lasted about two days but planning and organizing a teenager and his crew can...

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