The Bucket

26 Sep Project: Big Bear

I am back. Once again I have returned from a semi-productive and refreshing trip out-of-town, just a couple short hours away, up a mountain. Thing about me is I get so amped-up on having such an activity filled three days that the first day or two...

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22 Sep I am outta here!

I am heading out. Off to Big Bear to get 'er done. A little R & R and some undistracted time for working on the Thriller/Horror script. Jeff, I am about to text your ass and ask you to email me the script. Last time I...

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[caption id="attachment_1780" align="alignleft" width="251" caption="Let's do this MSU!"][/caption] Today I will BBQ.  The steaks are thawing. I watch MSU try to put a beat-down on Notre Dame.  I am going to pretend I am still in college and do what I did on Saturdays for four fantastic...

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