Streaks are made to be broken

14 Jan Streaks are made to be broken



It’s hours from kickoff and I am really having a hard time picking today’s games. How can you not be on the Tebow train?

It’s like watching Friday Night Lights or We Are Marshall or Rudy even. I stand up and cheer, alone, in my living room. It’s amazing. The kid has so much respect for where he is and what he is doing. He might even call me Mr. Sarki if we met. All that being said, I’m taking the Broncos, without the points. I am going to live and die with Tim motha’ f$&@in’ Tebow. I’ll be rooting for ya. I am also going to take the over just in case he gets whooped. But I can’t possible take the Patriots, I might go to hell, plus Tom Brady played for University of Michigan. I’m a Spartan.

The Saints beat up my boys last week. I thought my boys were pretty good. The Lions had some chances for turnovers that they missed and a fumble they didn’t challenge. It could have been closer. Saints can’t win away in the playoffs until now. They will score and unfortunately SF won’t keep up. I don’t think there will be a ton of points though. I am taking the Saints -4. They just look too good. I don’t care how long the grass is or how messed up the weather might be, they are “hella” good. SF will like my use of “hella”.

I’ll save my other two picks for tomorrow morning. Have fun today. Go Lions!


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