"Something About Her" – I think I've got my finger on it.

15 Jul "Something About Her" – I think I've got my finger on it.

SAH posterThere’s got to be a cooler way to segway into this title of another production from director, Carl Colpaert.  I stopped by the soon-to-be set of the latest indie gem Carl has in the mix.

Carl’s been around for a while, making indie greats, “Hurly Burly” and “Swimming with Sharks”, from his Cineville Studio.  Now he’s shaking things up with a drama flick about a woman’s struggle with deadly ALS and the newfound relationship with her hired help.

I couldn’t get much out of Carl except that the mansion I was sitting in will play as a Santa Barbara landscape and represent the lead character’s prior life of playing polo and being fancy.  Her husband has left her and her friends quit coming around, but there may be a bit of hope in her newfound relationship with her Senegalese helper.

Cameron Richardson stars alongside Anna Diop, with strong supporting characters David Arquette, Sherilyn Fenn, and Anthony Michael Hall, all rounding out this heartfelt story.

Grab your Kleenex and stay tuned.  They start shooting anyway now.

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Harold Geiger

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