Season "Dos"…L & L back at it again

11 Sep Season "Dos"…L & L back at it again

so sad

Football is here.  Starts tonight!  What do you have planned?  I am heading to a BBQ and bringing some Baby Blues BBQ for all the guests.  Real original right?

I am sure there is a lot racing though everyone’s minds.  Thoughts about fantasy football, predicting your favorite team’s record for the season, lying to your girlfriend to watch the game, or your boyfriend (that would really be weird but I am sure it happens), and Lije and Lenny’s return for Season 2 of FOOTBALL SUNDAYS at BABY BLUES BBQ.

With game-time this evening we must toss up the first episode of the 2011-12 season.  Here it is!  If you want to catch all the episodes from Season 1 go to Nut Bucket Films’ YOU TUBE page and you can find them all.  CLICK HERE  World famous “Hot Maggie” and “The Rash” and my personal favorite, “Sharing“.  Let us know what you think of our big-budget productions…

Thanks for watching!


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