rain is my best motivator

21 Jan rain is my best motivator


Finally. I got my dump alert from Mammoth today. Two feet of snow. A good base. I guess it’s heavy snow, not the powdery fluffiness we long for. But it’s a good start. Hopefully I am done rehabbing my shoulder in time to make it up there this year. I say I’ll be good in a few weeks or so. I have waited for a winter storm to roll through southern California for a while now. Last year there was no shortage. It was actually so wet my visiting family left L.A. early. Who does that?

Lot’s of people are at Sundance now. I get a little jealous of that. I went a couple of years in a row in ’09 and ’10 but have taken the last two off. I felt I haven’t deserved the trip. I’ll deserve it next year.

Basically that leaves me home and warm in my house in L.A. It’s raining. That’s motivation for me to work all day. On my script. I’ve gotten an incredible start over the last two weeks. Most thankfully to Syd Field‘s DVD and Blake Snyder‘s book, “Save the Cat”. It’s nice to have assignments. It’s like I am back in school except it’s all stuff I am excited to do and learn, not forced. I had this idea for a movie last year and made a good push to get it going but for some reason I kept making excuses not to work on it. Timing maybe?

This year is structured. I actually have blocks of time scheduled on my calendar five days a week to do work. To write. I am not a writer so it’s hard. I don’t even know if I’ll ever say I am a writer. Even if I finish this screenplay, and it’s good, I still don’t think I could call myself a writer. But I’m writing and I am enjoying it.

It’s funny, I was just about to get into the grittiness of throwing down ACT I the other day and then I started reading Snyder’s book. He said you must have a title and a logline before you start to write the screenplay. I was like, “Shit!” I was so close to starting the actual script and now I need a title? And a “one-line” of what it’s about? I’ve spent the last three days trying to figure it out. I think I got it, for now at least. It can always change but I really think I have something that is close to true. Blake says I am supposed to tell people. I am not supposed to hide my idea for fear of it being stolen so I will share a bit.

Title: The Pact

Logline: A group of high-school boys who rely on each other like brothers are faced with a choice that will change their lives forever.

So there you have it. It’s supposed to make the audience want to know more. Do you? I’m supposed to ask strangers what they think. The title is supposed to tell you what it’s about. If you want to share your opinion with me, please do, it will only help.

Most of the last few weeks have been spent on the treatment, character development, organizing plot points and basically the structure of the story. I have the skeleton and a lot of the body parts and now it’s time to attach them it the correct places and do some filling in. Wish me luck. This one truly means the world to me and I believe I have something really good.

I hope it rains all week.




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