PUSH – Luan Oliveira “Home” – Porto Alegre

About This Project

An impactful glimpse of the infinite odds Luan had to overcome to become the world’s greatest skateboarder today (Lije’s opinion). A rags to riches story.

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Holy crap, this was an intense trip. Carrying a half-million dollars worth of camera gear to Brazil was sketchy. Luan even says so. Extremely proud of this piece, Lije co-directed this piece with professional skateboarder and filmmaker Steve Berra.  Luan’s story is unreal and what he overcame to get where he is, one cannot help be touched by it.

Retrace the steps of Luan Oliveira’s past – from his time spent skating around the sketchy city streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil, to the death and abandonment from his family – and find out how he eventually earned a ticket to fly to Los Angeles that changed his life forever in this episode of PUSH.

Dew Tour PUSH is a video project, in collaboration with The Berrics and NBC, that takes a deep look into the process of filming a professional video part from eight unique perspectives. Learn the stories of who these skaters are and what they each went through to become pro and ultimately film these video parts that represent who they have become as skateboarders.

Directed by Steve Berra
Produced by Lije Sarki

Han-Su Kim – Director of Photography, Editor
Onil Diaz – Camera Operator, Editor
Nathan Heartt – RED Support, Ronin Operator
Mike Leary – Editor
Wing Ko – Editor
Pat LaFlamme – Media Management
Chris Roman – Media Management
Composer – Samuel Murphy
Colorist – Jeremy Ian Thomas
Post Production Audio; Studio Unknown – Jaime Horrigan, Matt Davies, Kevin Hill