20 November

Commercial, Narrative
About This Project

Belong – A young skateboarder gets bullied but later finds his own way to battle back. Lije directed the piece and collaborated musically with Vyron Turner aka “Left Brain” from the band Odd Future.

A Vimeo “Staff Pick”

When a teenager gets bullied, he finds his own way to battle back. He doesn’t engage or fight, he stays above it and true to what he knows, skateboarding, and gets rewarded in ways he would have never imagined. Find out where you BELONG.

With original music by Left Brain.

Executive Producers — Palmer Brown, Carl Bressler, and Jonah Weinstein

Director of Photography — Daron Keet

Producers — Lije Sarki, Jonathan Nowak

Co-Producers — Cedric Grandberry, Sarah Parker, Frankie Ingrassia, Traci Glodery

Editor — Tuffy Williams

Story — John Methvin, Lije Sarki

Skater — Lui Elliott

Bully — Cedric Grandberry

Girls — Sarah Parker, Ava Capra, Alicia Randolph