Peace out Blender, Hello NINJA!

27 Jun Peace out Blender, Hello NINJA!


Gotta love Costco! I’m hooked Ani. Seriously.

I just spent a week in Mexico eating nothing but tacos and chips and drinking fruity blended cocktails (yes, but only in Mexico). I came back and was afraid to check the scale since I had some awesome results before.

So I immediately went back on Ani’s plan of blasting fat. Three days of recovery and better than I was before I left. My mind and body. I say all this is because I’ve been using a friggin blender for making all the food and drinks. Now I have the freaking amazing NINJA. See photo.

I am gonna pop this box open right now and let you all know if Costco is representing the blended world well. Oh, and it was only 118 bucks. The time I have spend with the other piece of shit is worth that alone. BAM!

Result: DOUBLE BAM smoothie!!!

Some notes: Blades are sharp as hell, may have sliced a finger. It’s pretty intense. Lots of parts but for good reason. It is even good for cookie dough! That’s my sell. It’s awesome…

The smoothie monster.





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