New Year starts Jan. 2nd, for me…

28 Dec New Year starts Jan. 2nd, for me…


Shootin' some pick-ups for UnReal


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I always like to do that. I usually start all my “new year” on the 2nd. The 1st is usually a wash. Recovering from NYE and all the hype. It gives me the day to reflect and get ready to put my new plan of action in play and it gives me one last day to adjust to it. I have a lot of plans for the new year. All week, actually all month, I have made lists. Lists make me feel productive, even if they are just lists. They are like little assignments for me. This year I am going back to school. Back to the drawing board. I need to become more of an expert in some fields. I have always felt a bit smarter than the rest, not trying to sound egotistical at all.  Back in school I was always in the 95th percentile. Time to make that a regular thing. If I am going to be the best I have to train to be the best. I thought a lot about if I should share my plan. I don’t want people to copy me, ya know?  Who cares… I spent a lot of December cleaning out the closet. Organizing. Wrapping up some projects and planning new ones. I still have the next couple of days to fully “wrap” some stuff, which I will do. I actually just got out of the back of a convertible as you can see from the photos.  We were doing some pick-up for UnReal. My new plan for 2012. I feel excited. I have never felt as excited about a new year as I do about this one. So here’s what I got cookin’. I am going to attack my body and health. I am going on a 30-day Paleo diet which will not include booze or cigs. The cigs gotta go. They will kill me one day and I no longer want to die. Seriously. This is a pretty normal for a new year. I am going to be a better blogger. I am trying to not make it about me. I want to make it about the world or people or things. I am going to take some advice from WordPress and bog 365 days next year about something unique. I am still yet to find that thing but I still have a few days. I am going to be a better director. I plan on reading an interview everyday about a director I admire, either as a person or a professional. Everyday. I am taking a screenwriting course. I have a pretty awesome film to write that I came up with. The idea is there and the outline but I need some assignments. Some motivation to do the work. So I have a course to take from one of the best, Syd Field. I am going to take some cinematography courses. I am going to start with a dude named Philip Bloom. I’ll start there. I can shoot now. I shot my past project but I want to know the small details, the stuff that really matters, so I can travel to another level. I want to know tricks and secrets. I am going to watch a new film everyday. That’s 365 films in 2012. If my job is to make them then I better know what is out there. All of it. All the good, the bad, the great, the winners, the flops, what worked, and what didn’t. And last, I am NOT going to do any of this everyday. I am going to give myself one day per week to do nothing. To breath. To enjoy all the beautiful things I have around me. To eat what I want. To sleep as long as I want. To watch what I want. To talk to whoever I want. To read what I want. To live how I want. So I guess I am not committed for 365 days. Subtract 52 days for me. I am committed to all 365, just 52 I committed to me and 313 I committed to my work and my profession. That’s a pretty good deal, I think. I am pretty fired up about it. This is going to evolve over the next few days so I will have to repost on 01/01/2012…I mean 01/02/2012 Cheers to a New Year, Lije P.S.  Thanks for a great Christmas. 20111228-132446.jpg 20111228-132425.jpg 20111228-132419.jpg 20111228-132412.jpg 20111228-132359.jpg

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