My Morning Conversation

18 Nov My Morning Conversation


Trips for morning coffee have become one of my favorite times during the week. At least on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. That’s when my buddy works at The local joint.

I’ll keep him and the place anonymous for now to save any embarrassment from me. We are buddies. Not just for the sake of continuously giving me a cup of joe but for becoming pals. Why are we pals? We share some interests. He’s a football fan and so am I. He’s an artist. I have been to one of his shows. He’s great. I make movies among other things that folks would say is artistic. At least creative. He’s always up on current events especially in the sports world and I think I do a pretty good job doing the same.

Today we talked about the Lion/Bears matchup, the Joe Paterno nightmare, Jets/Patriots, Bill Simmons, gambling and the weather. I seriously feel like it gets my brain kicking in the morning. I feel like I am part of an episode of Seinfeld. It’s so routine-like. It’s dope. Almost Guru-like.

I suggest trying a morning conversation. It always puts me in a good mood. Sparking the brain neurons spark the day.

It always starts off with, “what do you think of this or that?”. I’m ready for it too. I can almost guess what it’s gonna be about. That’s why it works. We are always on the same page and I bet he looks forward it just like me.

This is like a little man love. Don’t judge. Thanks for the morning convos buddy.


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