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12 Aug My Birthday Blog


Fresh off the old beach cruiser and my mind starts racing. In a good way.

Tomorrow will be another year in my life gone by and another one beginning. And what a f#$%ing year it has been. I have so many things to be grateful for. I am gonna make a list. Before I make a list I just want to point out one of my biggest accomplishments that has happened to me in this last year. It’s really so simple. I have learned to slow down. That’s all. If you know me, you know I move a 1000 mph most of the time and then I tend to crash every now and again. Sometimes I crash hard and go into a rut and weep for a few days but then come back out in rare motha’ f#$%in’ form cranking “it” out again. “It” is life.

I finally slowed down to “smell the roses”. People say you gotta work hard if you are ever gonna get anywhere in this world. “No rest for the weary!” Too hard. I have an idea, let’s all bust our asses super hard so that we get rich in thirty years, and then we can retire and enjoy our lives. My old ass isn’t going to be enjoying anything in thirty years other than a half-gallon of whiskey and Monday Night Football. Right now I need to utilize my youth! Go places, travel, snowboard in Mammoth, ride waves, and my skateboard!

So this year I slowed down. I took a lot of trips. Some business, some pleasure, some for reasons I don’t even know. I just did. I had nothing to lose. I started to downsize my life.

In the time I took to breathe and look around and visit old friends and show up to people’s shit I started to see everything differently. And what I see now is pretty f#$%ing awesome.

I live in a great place. I have great friends. I love my family. Each and every dang one of you and I love that this year I got to see a lot of them I hadn’t seen in a very long time (tear). I met a superb woman that seems to think I am pretty all right. I upgraded my scooter to a motorcycle from the 70’s. I think I should have been an adult in the 7o’s. I have some unbelievable plans for 2011/2012. Just you wait! I have a heck of a job. All aspects of it. Commercials keep paying me. My company, Nut Bucket Films, is growing and succeeding. Baby Blues BBQ is my second home with a killer living room that I get to spend some time in actually making money. Someone makes me eggs and bacon every morning. I have the best place for coffee every morning, and afternoon if I feel like rocking out. I live by the beach and actually have parking and laundry. I am gonna stop here. I could go on forever but I will leave some for my own imagination so when I read this in thirty years I can dream a little.

My life has gotten better every single year I have been alive and for that I am forever grateful. I wrote this on the 11th of August, 2011.

Thank you,


Here are some pics from just around my birthday. A few days before and a few after. Pretty cool shit happened!







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