Lije is making a movie! Get on board!!!

12 Oct Lije is making a movie! Get on board!!!

7 DAYS TO GO!! WE ARE SO CLOSE I CAN SMELL IT!  I am overcome with grattitude and I honestly didn’t know if reaching this goal was possible.  I love being wrong (my friends know this is entirely untrue).  The Dailey Method membership has been snagged up.  Thanks TDM!!  There are only four Rumbatime watches left and one Co-Producer credit!  That hefty Exec Producer credit is still lurking…

CLICK HERE TO GET IN ON THE FUN!!  KICKSTARTER LINK! Watch the video I made. It’s fun.

If you are not interweaved into Lije‘s social media world, you might have missed some pics and videos about what’s happening, so I am throwing them down below!!

There’s a slight chance we will be shooting half of the movie two days early, on Thursday!!!!  So if we can hit the Kickstarter goal my then I will be much more relieved and I will do some sort of performance-based foolish activity (after I finish my 100 push-ups today).  I promise.  I’ll take suggestions.

I’ve been hard at work hunting for set dressing (skateboarding obstacles), putting together shot lists, piecing some extra crew together, and searching for the perfect assistant!  It’s finally becoming very REAL.  Still in search for our teenage female celebrity cameo so if anyone has any ideas, shoot me a message!!  She could be working as soon as Thursday night!

More to come this weekend.  Thanks again, everyone!



schoolyard donations!
schoolyard donations!




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