life slows down for a bit and tries to kick your ass

08 Nov life slows down for a bit and tries to kick your ass



Don’t fight back, let it give you a chance to catch back up. I just returned from a short trip with my fiancé to Idyllwild. It’s a little ass town in the mountains close to Palm Springs, about two and a half hours from L.A. We cruised up early Sunday morning so we could make it there in time for me to watch my Lions play football. Turns out there is only one TV in the entire town without a sports package, a pizza place to carb up and use the WiFi. I tried to pirate the game but that didn’t work either. Two beers later, I decided to let it go. We are in the woods and I’m stressing to watch a football game. WTF. Let’s hike.

Eight miles later and 2000 feet of altitude, we almost jumped from what was called “Suicide Rock”. I definitely sweat out all my demons that had built up over the past few months. Life has ups and downs and I think I was in a down part. I just finished producing a film, Body High, and I was supposed to be starting another one soon. It’s funny how you can go from working on a project that you didn’t even know you were going to get, to having a lull of two weeks and about a hundred “freak out”, “wtf”, sessions cuz you don’t know what’s next! How does that happen? I mean, god, be grateful you didn’t even have to look for a job, it fell in your lap, and now you have these expectations for the next one. Like I deserve them to be lining up? Well I do, but I don’t need to let it bring me down. I needed to breathe. I share moments like this every six months or so. It’s a cycle. Life catches up and throws you for a loop and makes you think way to damn much about bullshit. So there I was, considering the jump. Kidding, but the mind is an unpredictable thing. One’s mind has its own mind of its own and it is impossible to control.

That first night we went to sleep about 7pm. Between the time change, the altitude, my brain, and that f#$%ing hike, I was done.

The whole first day my fiancé was like, “What’s the plan?” And I told her I didn’t want a plan. My plan was to come up here and not have a plan. So that just stressed me out more about why we can’t just not have a damn plan or a plan to not have a plan. She said, “It’s not like you.” She was right. I always have a plan. So instead I made up a shit-ton of excuses about how I didn’t want a plan and more and more diarrhea of the mouth. I was full of shit but I didn’t even know it. Trickery I tell you.

So Monday, we woke up and headed into town for a coffee, our room was only stacked with decaf. Btw, I woke up every hour for the twelve hours I slept. Terrible sleep. Back to the room to find a homemade scone, still warm and buttery. I never eat that stuff but I did. I was feeling the switch. Bacon and eggs followed. Then the plan. It all started falling into place.

Attitude changed, smiles were everywhere, and chances were ready to be taken. I wanted to fish so we fished. Didn’t catch shit but the scenery was beautiful and the process to get a rod and worms and all the other crap that goes with being unprepared was great. now I own a pole. Fishing in CA is nothing like MI. I’m from Michigan and you can drop a hook in the water and less than a minute later you have a fish. In California, you just basically put worms on and watch the line until you think the worm is waterlogged enough and discard it for another worm. But it’s peaceful.

I read about a skatepark that was in town. I couldn’t believe they had one but it turns out a ton of kids go there in the summer for camp. Not that day. After fishing we took another hike, without a map, into town with my skateboard strapped to my backpack. Damn we were getting reckless, and adventurous! I had no legs left from all the hiking but somehow found myself shredding the empty park. That’s an exaggeration. Skating completely washed every bit of “dark side” I had left in me. I was all smiles from then on out, and I had the strut. So much that I said “Let’s fish again.” I had a feeling. Nothing. They lie. There are no fish in those waters!

We had a beautiful dinner at Gastrognome, splitting some trout in celebration of the fish I never caught. Then had a night capper at The Lumber Mill bar to catch a bit of the MNF game so Jai could yap it up with some other travelers. I sat there in peace, fulfilled, content, satisfied, and stoked about my life and where I was and not stressed about the future.

I’ve been home for a day and a half. I started a cleanse that I did about six months back. Time to kick a couple of pounds before Turkey Day. I have also been cleaning up my lists. Sorting out what’s to be done next and finishing up what has been done. I’ve got a couple producing gigs on the slate for the near future as well as my screenplay that needs some work before the huge meeting I’m supposed to have next week (fingers crossed). I also have a lot of other avenues for it that haven’t been crossed yet. It’s time to cross them.

I think I’m gonna build a shoe rack and a hat rack in my office. For all my fancy ones. And I’m gonna skate a lot. The first session will be in about an hour after I get off the phone with GoDaddy and bitch about why my website responds so slowly.

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