Just Another Day

09 Mar Just Another Day

It’s been ages since I wrote anything worth a damn on here. Plenty of work been done elsewhere. So this here. This is a moment to just say “what up”. Been thinking about coming back to the dark side of login thoughts every week or so. Not sure if anyone reads but I really got used to it. And started to love it. So let’s do it. May as well. 

It’s been a wavy year so far. Some hurdles for sure. Life hands you baskets of shit right after it hands you miracles. All you can do is laugh about it. 

People talk trash. Don’t take it personal, I say. But I want everyone to like me!?? All the time.  That’s impossible to live up to.  Usually they are the ones with the problems and the egos. 

Brain dump today. That’s it. I feel better now. Grateful to have a spot to say so. Boom. 

❤️❤️ Lije 

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