I wrap a TV show but it only begins.

28 Oct I wrap a TV show but it only begins.

character "Eric" from series UNDERBELLY

I will leave in about thirty minutes to finish one of my last shots for Underbelly.  Today I am acting.  Mostly I am producing.  Sometimes I am doing sound and shooting.  It has been a trip.  Like on acid or like on a long and winding road.  Both very exciting options of travel!  I will be shaving my head after today.  Symbolic to experience.

Seriously though, we are coming up on almost a year since we began this little project.  Little?  What am I thinking?  We have huge expectations for this thing.  We have a cast that is ridiculously talented and we have a show that hasn’t been done before.  Not like this anyway.  Dramatic as heck and not fun to live.  Fun to watch though.

People love to see other people struggle.  It makes them feel better about themselves.  Like they have succeeded by others’ failure.  You ever hear about your friend’s success and deep inside you are actually unhappy for them?  Come on.  Think about it.  We all do it.  Your buddy books that commercial and your first thought is, “That mother f#$%er!  Why didn’t I get that?”  Personally I never feel that way.  That’s because I am not human.  I am always happy for everyone.  I care and am special.  Believe me?

That’s what this show is.  The struggle.  The bumps.  The “mother f#$%ers” of the day.  I try to compare it to a How to Make it in America with a bit of Entourage and a little Crash because of the intersecting stories but it really isn’t any of them.  It is its own beating and pulsating being.  I can’t wait to show it off.  I originally was thinking Showtime or HBO but I am about to go out on a limb and say, Web Series.

I think we have two more little pick-up days of shooting come November.  We have lots of editing and then of course some sound design but the tough part is done and what we were able to carry out without a budget and crew is insane.  I am very proud.  It has taught me a lot.  The most important thing is that I will never f#$%ing do this again without some money!  But I have said that before and at the end of the day, I would do it again, without money, because this is what I love to do.  Well-played Sarki.

Look for it soon my friends…

Mr. Sarki

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