Grudges are so dang lame

09 Aug Grudges are so dang lame



I am actually writing this before the weekend begins. You know why? So I have to follow through.

Life is way too f#$%ing short to hold a grudge. Also, it is way to short to be on the other end of a held grudge. So be a man, or woman, and be the first to make amends. If that means to you to admit you are wrong even if you are not, maybe just try it. Seriously, what do you have to lose? Then later after the dang grudge is gone you can actually admit that you weren’t really wrong and you just didn’t want to not talk to the person any longer. Best friends, family members, bosses, whoever…step up and end this shit.

So I state this right now. I am making a list of phone calls I am going to make this weekend, or text messages, to end some dumb shit. I will update this post after the weekend. Wish me luck. Why don’t you try the same? The good times way out win the stupid grudge time.

This one was Harold speaking…



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