Grotto, a fine place to convene

22 Aug Grotto, a fine place to convene






All you have to do is find it! Or find one.

Try following these directions:

Go up the road just after Neptune’s, about 3 miles up stay right when U get to a Y-like intersection, go another 2 – 3 miles, on right U’ll c a wood lacquered sign looks like a ranch but it’s the only one that has a small wood cabin just there inside, prob a electric official park ranger vehicle & few civilian cars parked in a row in front of cabin – that’s it. Park in that upper lot only, maps avail inside, walk down dirt road, stay left at camp bldg, walk past campgrounds then into trail. I always stay right at first juncture w/ first lurked waterfall then keep right at next cupl options and U’ll go thru field, then woods, then end up down by creek then more woods then big boulders & waterfalls!

Thanks Jfree Hop!

Turns out they were perfect directions. The hike is called the “Grotto” hike. Neptune’s is actually referring to “Neptune’s Net“, a great fried fish joint on the PCH just north of Malibu. Here’s an old BLOG (click the word) about it. The place is rad. I got the fish burger and split it. I totally wish I got my own. Way too good to eat only half. And the onion rings are off the chain. The is the only place I eat tartar sauce. Weird. The view is sick across the street too as long as you can cross the PCH without getting run over by one of a hundred Harley dudes, or a car. Go. I demand it. The place always seems to be hoppin’ and you can drink beers on the patio if you can find a seat.

As for the “Grotto” hike, I will the let photos speak for it. I can tell you it was like going into three different climate zones. Boulders, a field, a rainforest, and a cave. That might be four. There aren’t actually climate zones but I was trying to give an idea. I am way smarter than that. We laid in a field, swam in a cave under a waterfall, and Parkoured a bunch of boulders. Yup, I was Parkouring. Not sure if that is even a word.

Some things you should know. The hike only took us an hour and twenty minutes. We hustled. The longest part is the drive to it, but it is so dang pretty you are dumb not to go sometime. The PCH can be a nightmare on the weekends so go early and come home before 4pm.

There are no signs of rattlesnakes but there are a few kids. I am not sure which is scarier but you be the judge. Have fun and say “hi” to the nice park ranger who likes to be called, “Pleasant”, by name. He gave us raisins and avocados for energy. What a pleasant guy.

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