got to go with the gut

15 Jan got to go with the gut


waiting, still repping my boys

I like to pick my games. I love playoff football. I love asking my friends what they think and who they “got” before the games. Yesterday I was wrong on 2/3 bets. I don’t know if it’s because I listened to all the hype or just because I second guess myself. I know, it’s cuz I rode the Tebow train!

Today I am just going with my gut. My gut says the Packers will beat the Giants by 10. My gut also says the Texans will fight it out til the end and lose 20-17. So there you have it. Easy as that.

My pal Mr. Burner is heavy on the Giants. He has his days that’s why he almost influenced me to swap my picks but Gus told me to hold strong. Gus is my barista advisor.

If I lose both, I retire. If I lose one, I hold on to play another week. If I win both, I hold on to play another week. There are only two weeks left so let’s hope I hold on. Actually the last week is a party with plenty of squares to bet on at the scene.

I received an invitation to a Super Bowl party yesterday. The same person threw a holiday party that was one of the best. Looking forward to this one.

Off to get an omelet and prep for the games. Lazy Sunday of football, Golden Globes, and of course another movie (one a day for a year). Can’t wait to watch Ricky Gervais get kicked off the Globes.


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