Found some stuff from CABO

29 Jun Found some stuff from CABO


Happened to run across this email from one of the team members who was keeping track of all stupid shit everyone was saying on our trip to Mexico. Unfortunately some were a bit too aggressive and didn’t make the cut in fear of offending people. Enjoy.

“how do you get on the wall of shame- you go over there and drink out of a fucking bong”

“I’ve had a lot of beef on this trip”

“for a hundred bucks the dolphin better blow me”

“I want a small blow hole for 75 bucks”

“your willing it out, will it in”

“why don’t you take a step down-town”

“my times worth about 30 bucks an hour, I’m not really doing much”

“is that hair real? No they probably chopped it off a small child”

“i’d drop kick that pelican if I was next to it”

“this is enough exercise for today on top of the 5 hours of rug rippin last night”

“oh my god look at that guys peines it so big, it’s huge”

“how come everything I love comes in a little basket of tostada”

“ship over board”

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