24 Jan FADE IN…

All this month I have prepared.  Organizing my thoughts and ideas.  I’ve written every little bit of background I can on my story.  I even met with an old high-school buddy to do some reminiscing, which was amazing.

I am doing the work.  It’s like I am back in school, but I love it.  I f#$%ing hated school.  I knew that all I needed to get this project in motion was some forced motivation.  Some assignments. And now I am flourishing.  Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to write and then the page writes itself.

So I’ve done a treatment, bios, recent background, plot points, scenes and scenes and scenes, dramatic narratives, free word association, the beginning, the ending (I think), the logline over and over again until it feels right and it still doesn’t feel right, the title, god it’s hard to pick a title, and even the fourteen notecards for ACT I.  I have done every last thing I could do to get ready to put the first f#$%ing word on the page and I am scared to death.

I spent a year delaying this idea.  But I spent a year delaying even the work I mentioned above.  There is a reason for it.  Don’t know why except that I am in such a good place to do this right f#$%ing now.

I am dedicated to my schedule.  I mean shit, I have to start ACT II next Monday so I better get going.

Wish me luck…


P.S.  I am going to dedicate this work to the skater sitting on the bottom row of the picture above.   RIP Jason Stutsman.  I am the chubby kid on the top, 2nd from the left. 😉


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