don't judge me, I'm impulsive.

04 Nov don't judge me, I'm impulsive.


I am so f#$%ing impulsive. I know this but sometimes I need a reminder. My pal had to throw it in my face this morning when I was sharing a bit of personal information.

I can reflect back, forever, and I can see so many moves I made in my life that prove this characteristic to be so true that it’s filthy. I mean, damn, I moved to San Diego after college with 300 bucks and a suitcase, that’s it, for real. It worked out pretty well but I could have planned it better and waited and life might have been a little easier. $100,000 in student loan debt ain’t so bad, right Obama?  Screw that. Learning from decisions like that have made me to be me.

Some might say it’s dangerous. To live without thinking things through. Seriously though? Wouldn’t life move a lot slower if you did that? I would rather get excited and plan trips and then have to cancel them instead of wait forever to time that shit perfectly. I don’t always cancel or regret decisions I make. Most of the time I don’t. Most of the time it all works out pretty good.  Sometime I wish I would get of this head of mine at just think for one more second.  But then I don’t.  I don’t take it back.  I don’t look back.  Only to reflect, not regret.

I think back to a movie I made a few years back with other people’s money. The movie is good. The results are not as fruitful as I had planned for but I couldn’t predict the industry change or small collapse, I actually predicted the opposite. I wanted to make it now, or then I did. No harm no foul. Many more movies have come since and they all are fruitful in their own specific ways.  The biggest ones are yet to come. You have to get there somehow, right?

When you are a kid parents tell you to “think before you act.” I don’t think I was told that. I don’t think I was told very much. I pretty much taught me what I needed to know anyway. Sometimes the hard way, often times. But her I am, living every moment like it’s my last. Making decisions along the way and inviting people to come with me. I know I shouldn’t have done the worm on Halloween eve on the pavement outside of the Brig in Venice. After the chiropractor visit yesterday I really know. And the bruise on my chin…but that was some fun stuff, yo!

This life is short. Live like it’s your last day, everyday. Be impulsive. I keeps me alive. When I’m not, I’m bored, and being bored gets me into trouble. Actually, everything gets me into trouble, but f#$k it.

To be honest if I don’t continue to be impulsive I will run out of stories to tell and experiences to look back on, things to learn from, and things to regret, but mostly successes to have. I won’t get to have success. If I don’t go balls out, all the time, then life stands still and that’s not good for anyone. Pave the way people, pave the way.


P.S. It’s Movember, grow a mustache for Prostate Cancer.

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