Day 1 of "stay-cation", 2 left

30 Dec Day 1 of "stay-cation", 2 left


finally found someone to take our whole picture!

What do you get when you get a stunt guy, private jet broker, writer, and a producer together to hike Mishe Mokwa Trail to Tri-Peaks and Sandstone Peak?

Wednesday, I took my time contemplating which hike we were going to do. We committed to doing something aggressive for Thursday but just wasn’t sure what yet. I considered trying a hike from last year up the Los Angeles mountains but after a lot of research I found out that it was super overgrown and closed off. We wanted something new and challenging so I went to my go-to site and found the “bad-boy” mentioned above.

It was on. A 10:30AM departure from Venice up the coast on the PCH to county line. Another six miles up Yerba Buena Road past Circle X Ranch to a parking lot on the left we entered the trail. Google “Circle X Ranch” and you will get directions, then just go about another mile and you’ll have it. Or go to this link and follow Casey’s directions. He’s great.  A great site if you are looking for other hikes too.

Poor Dan left his phone at the gas station on the way up. Personally I would have turned around, but he didn’t, he was a champ, he just talked about it the entire trip. He drove though so he could do what he wanted. We threw on some sun-screen, packed Dan’s backpack (he volunteered to carry, said he ate most over the holidays) and started on our way. It was a big-ass loop with some pretty cool sites to find and see, that was our mission.

It was fairly easy to follow the signs and it’s well-marked except for the one missing sign replaced with an arrow made of rocks. Nice hikers I guess. I would have pointed it the other way, ha ha.

I spent a lot of time snapping photos. Make sure you see below and read the captions. That’s the best part for me. So I can remember.  John borrowed my camera for a second to take one of me and fell over a rock, backwards, but hung on to the phone. He’s a stunt guy so I expect nothing less. I laughed about it this morning.  He also climbed into a cave at Tri Peaks, for fun.  I climbed up the backside…for fun.

Jai and Dan got lost for second. Jai was leading the way, so I also expected nothing less from her.

It was a really cool trail. There are nice nature smells, a scary German guy with a kid that he may have kidnapped, rock climbers, two really loud talkers, and people with walking sticks (how they made it that far surprises me). Oh, and ticks.

All in all it was a 7.39 mile loop including a couple of side ventures to Tri Peaks and Sandstone Peak. Sandstone is actually the highest peak in the Santa Monica mountains. Pretty cool!  And believe me, it felt the highest by the time we got there.  There is also a monument made up for some famous dude at the top. The crappy tourist I am, I didn’t even read it. I took a photo though, you can read it.  I can’t find the photo.

It took us a little under three hours. The trails and big rocks took a toll after a while. I think total elevation was only 1500 feet but it was up and down a bunch of times. After Sandstone Peak I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and ran the last two miles down. Dan looked like he was in bad shape. He expended way too much energy making fun of me and jumping around like an idiot. I guess that’s me.

The way down all I could think about was onion rings and a fish sandwich from one of my favorite places on the PCH at county line, Neptune’s Net. It’s a biker fish joint looking over the water, also a surf spot. By the time we got there we weren’t talking much, worn out, and still shaking off Jai’s hissy fit on the mountain because she couldn’t see us through a giant boulder and thought we left her.  I laughed. I fell asleep in the car on the way home. Fried food and a workout like that, easy greasy.

A shower, Yerba Matte tea (dedicated to the road we travelled), and some Advil somehow gave me the strength to go see War Horse. Great friggin’ movie Spielberg. Many cries…

Now that’s a way to vacation at home. Feels pretty good to enjoy where you live with no distractions.

By the way, Dan never found his phone. We searched the freeway and the gas station. Lame that someone actually steals phones. Or Dan still has it on his person which would be Hil-ar-i-ous!

Thinking about attacking the LA mountains tomorrow for a ten-mile’r. First I need to figure out what to do with Day 2 of stay-cation…today.

Cheers all,



view of Channel Island, Santa Barbara


view of Catalina Island


jai, the beginning


strut it boys and girl


see the climber in the middle?


how come I look so beefy? gross


the light always followed johnny


quick, put the sign back, which way was it?


the view from Tri Peaks


lunch at Tri Peaks, pre-hissy fit


Tri Peaks


the "other" Tri Peaks


just wrong


Jai at Sandstone Peak


Lije at Sandstone Peak


Johnny at Sandstone Peak


D Ryan at Sandstone Peak

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