Creepin'…fans, watch out!

01 Sep Creepin'…fans, watch out!


I went and got coffee this morning and was talking to my buddy, Gus, at Groundworks, like most of my mornings. We started rapping about the usual topics and sports came up, as always. And the Tigers came up. And then the Lions came up. And then talk of total domination came up. And then Gus said something about a Detroit World Series and a Superbowl. I was like “Whoa! Easy there…let’s let this play out.”

He is right though. Sort of. The Lions are the team everyone was saying to look out for early in the preseason. Now, if you watch the analysts on TV, they are saying more than “watch out”. They are whispering in each other’s ears about how f#$%ing awesome the Lions are. It’s true. They look real good. I am proud to have stuck by them this whole time.

The Tigers are slowing breaking from the pack. I think they are about 6.5 games ahead of both the White Sox and the Indians. Wait for the playoffs! The bats from all 1-9 hitters match up with any damn team in the league. If you don’t believe me, run a f#$%ing stat check. I would hate to play them in the first round of the playoffs. Watch out Yankees.

Speaking of creepin’, I should share how awesome my fantasy football draft was and how they will dominate all year-long. How about I just show you the team named Malibu’s Finest…here are the starters:

Vick (I know most people hate him but I had to draft accordingly, plus at the 7th pick in 1st round, come on!)

C. Benson, R. Grant, R. Bush

A. Miles, Calvin Johnson (That was #2, and my Detroit pick), A. Gates

G. Hartley (This doesn’t really matter)

Packers (Hated this pick but had to…fantasy)

More domination right there folks.

Let me finish today’s mumble jumble voicing of opinionated bologna with some talk of Nut Bucket Films. The company is creepin’. Plans for the end of 2011 are nuts. I have woken up in the last week with some extraordinary ideas. I have complete faith that the prep of this year has been working toward exactly what is happening right f#$%ing now. Look out! And stay tuned…

Yours truly,

A Bucket of Nuts

King friggin' Kong


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