addicted to the sauce…again

07 Sep addicted to the sauce…again


It was just another normal day. Actually it was the day after summer ended. Peaceful, tranquil, warm, sunny, quiet, weird, and one of my favorite days in a while.

I think I caught a little bug over the weekend. My throat felt scratchy. I bombed an audition. I think my mind was foggy and I was just worn down. I needed some vitamin D and the weather was there just to help me out.

I decided to take a little beach cruiser ride up the boardwalk. First thing a ladybug landed on me and I was pumped!  Good luck right?

Called a buddy of mine to chit-chat with by phone and just cruised about five miles up the coast where I stopped where I always stop and examined this little private strand of beach I like to call “My Beach”. I know this story is uneventful but then it happened!

On my cruise back I was minding my business when my nose sniffed Montana Avenue…Menchies! FROYO, the “devil”. I was then forced to give in all willpower and climb a sizable set of stairs, carrying my bike, to cross a screaming PCH to get to the dang yogurt store. But I did.

I got my fix. Peanut Butter FROYO with a varietal of nuts. A dream come true. A nice reward for my hard work this weekend while everyone else got to play with their beach balls and stuffed animals. I win.

I am attaching the sequence of how it all went down. View photos, in order, of the addiction that cannot be cured. EVER…








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