Nut Bucket Films (NBF) is a Los Angeles based film production and development company headed by Lije Sarki.


Growing up on a skateboard in Northern Michigan, Lije always knew he would end up in California.  A lot of college and two degrees later he ended up in Los Angeles pursuing an acting career.


In 2008, after hearing an inspiring speech, he decided he didn’t want to wait any longer for someone to give him a job. He convinced his father, an avid writer and poet, to write a screenplay. Lije and his father partnered up, raised some cash, started NUT BUCKET FILMS, and produced what was to become the feature film, Alphonso Bow. Lije directed the film and it became the catalyst for his filmmaking career.


Since Alphonso Bow he’s worked as a freelance director and producer on projects ranging from branded content to feature length films and everything in between. His latest project, a massive skateboarding documentary called PUSH, is a collaboration between The BerricsMountain Dewand NBC that introduces eight professional skateboarders and their journey to film a street part.

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The PUSH team travelled the world filming and creating the 48-episode series that currently airs online at The Berrics with a full-length piece set to air on NBC October 3rd, 2015 at 4pm EST.  Lije, spending his whole life on a skateboard, has found an intersection of life and work with PUSH that will be forever special to him.


In 2015, Lije also produced two narrative feature films, Those Left Behind (Daphne Zuniga, Jack Griffo) and Hickey (Troy Doherty, Tiny Lister), currently in post production, as well as ToY (Briana Evigan, Matt O’Leary) and This Isn’t Funny (Anthony LaPaglia, Danielle Panabaker), both of which are in different stages of distribution.


Lije continues to promote his anti-bullying film, Belongat film festivals and on Vimeo as a “Staff Pick”.