a new venture for short filmmakers

03 Nov a new venture for short filmmakers

just like climbing a mountain

just like climbing a mountain

I hope everyone is enjoying the new layout for Nut Bucket Films.  It has been in the works for some time now.  I would actually appreciate any feedback by comment or email.

I want to announce that we will be launching a video page.  It will be hosting the best of the best of short films around the country and globe.  We are still a ways away from finalizing content but we thought we wouldn’t waste any more time in keeping it a secret.

The site or video pages will be beneficial to audiences in the way of hosting an élite group of films.  I think we are all sick of seeing the over-saturated market of the average.  Websites are strictly trying to make a profit by accepting everything and anything into their large polluted volume of films.  Don’t we need a place to go to know where were we are sure there is a volume if high-quality, moving, and entertaining films?

Here, we are doing something different.  The benefits of this site will be of filmmakers and audiences alone.  If you would like more details and to have your film considered please reach out to nutbucketfilms@gmail.com.  There will be some monetary value for filmmakers so they can finally make back some of their blood, sweat, and tears…

Stay tuned.

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