see the snow cones on the bottles?

and then what happens?

I sat down and watched this film last night.  It’s an Internet movie so I had to hook up the laptop to the HDTV so I could watch it on the big screen.  I am not ready to watch a feature on my laptop unless I am on a plane or have no other option.  And even less appealing is watching it on my iPhone.

Girl Walks Into a Bar is supposedly the first film done strategically to be released on the Internet, specifically YouTube.  It was supposed to be marketed for that.  I actually heard about it over a year ago because I had a meeting about developing my own web series specifically for Internet release.  I was told to watch it and see what they did.  They as in Shangri-La Entertainment.   I heard they went out of business.  Turns out Girl Walks Into a Bar is a feature.  I can see how could be or it would be a series after watching it.  It breaks down into about ten episodes as they visit ten different bars.

Basically a girl walks into a bar and throughout a bunch of intersecting stories, people, and ten L.A. bars we end up with the girl and her new friends at the end.  Cool.  I love intersecting stories.  I think that is key to having a web series because you have to have people wonder what’s next.  You have to leave unanswered questions.  You have to have some suspense and you have to have them wanting more.

Even though this film was filled with stars like Josh Hartnett, Danny DeVitoRosario DawsonEmmanuelle ChriquiAmber Valletta, and Carla Gugino it lacked any suspense and it surely never had me wanting more.  There were definitely some unanswered questions, like, “why did this movie cost 1$ million?”.  Surely it was spent on this cast.  There was no marketing as far as I know.  I was just advised to see it.  It wasn’t spent on production design.  Every bar was dark and empty.  I recognized almost all of them.  I even used to work at one of them and a funny thing I noticed, the snow cones were left on all the bottles on the wall.  Every liquor bottle had upside down snow cones on it.  We used snow cones after closing to keep the bugs out.  Lazy!

I know other films and series have had major success virally but this one really missed the boat.  My conclusion is, it’s always about content.  If the content is not worthy then the buzz will kill.  This film has just over 600,000 views.  In a year.  With this cast?  Damn.  How they gonna get their million bucks back?

I haven’t totally figured out this system but I know I’m on track and watching this just gave me a little more confidence.  Who’s with me?

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