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UNDERBELLY premiere at MLK Auditorium

Well folks, it’s time.  The project Underbelly, the pilot I have worked on for a year and a half is ready to be seen.  This was a huge project for me.  Not only was I an Executive Producer on it, I did every other thing on the planet you can think of, along with the help of about 100 friends, colleagues, my producing partner, and the extremely talented writer/director.

They say you get to pick two of three.  Fast, Good, or Cheap?  We chose to do it good and we were able to do for a little less dough than normal.  But, it did take some time.  Thanks to all who volunteered their time and skill set and those who acted because they believed in the project.  Please come out and enjoy it.

Mark your calendars, a screening will be held Friday, May 18th at the MLK Auditorium at the Santa Monica library, 7:30PM sharp.  We are premiering at a pretty large auditorium and holds up to 150 people.  It’s a free showing so please RSVP because we will fill up.

We’re ecstatic to have landed such great actors who have appeared and are currently starring on network and primetime shows; as well as Hollywood blockbuster films and indies.

Produced by- Lije Sarki, Lauren Ziemski, Ryan Philander

Written and Directed by – Ryan Philander

Cast includes:

Reid Scott (Veep and The Big C)
Lije Sarki (The Last Ride, GREEK)
Vanessa Evigan (Zombie Hamlet)
Lauren Ziemski (Nip Tuck, Species II)
David Rogers (Jane By Design)
Phillip Jean-Marie (The Box, CSI: Miami)
Sonia Rockwell (CSI, Spread, Rift)
Jamie Harris (Green Hornet, Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
Andy Dick (we all know Andy)
Greg Evigan (My Two Dads, and too many to name!)
Stephanie Rae Anderson
Natalie James (The A-team)
Paul Rae (True Grit, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D)

Supporting cast includes:  Sashi Wells, Jai Franklin , Tonan Ruiz, Jim Embrucia, Ryan Philander , Clayton Froning, Judith Baicich, Sam Sagheb, Christine Kolenik, Big C.

Total running time : 62 minutes

Please RSVP to UnderbellyPilot@gmail.com as there are limited seats available.

Hope to see you all there!

Lije and Nut Bucket Films

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