15 DAYS, clear brain, 9 LBS lighter!

15 Jun 15 DAYS, clear brain, 9 LBS lighter!



Here’s a little play by play of my last two weeks on Ani’s 15-day Fat Blast. I recommend it, not only for the fat loss, but for the overall feeling. Coupled with doing the Landmark Forum, results were ridiculous…

Phase 1

Day 1 – “Damn, this is a shit-ton of shopping.” “It’s taking forever.” “I hope the next two weeks isn’t a lot of this.”” I was detoxing and happy about it, not much room to complain.

Day 1.5 – I actually started on Day 2 because Day 1 I didn’t have all the ingredients to properly begin and I ate some eggs and bacon for breakfast, but the rest of Day 1 was good. So, my Day 1 was two days long which allowed me to mix and match the shakes and soups over a four-day span.

Special note: I began the Landmark Forum today which is three consecutive thirteen-hour days in a room of 160 people listening intensely and getting to the bottom of my life. I was occupied so it definitely helped.

Day 2 – “Wow this is a pain in the ass to prep all this food for the entire day.”

Day 3 – “These morning shakes are effing great!” “Jai, try this!” “I don’t know if I can stomach this soup again.” I began to really look forward to the mornings and snack shakes mostly because I wasn’t a fan of a couple of raw soups. Drink a cold soup made with curry or chipotle and avocado and tomato? I just started to like tomatoes a few years ago. Weird, right?

Phase 1 over! Results: 173 lbs to 168.8 lbs = 4.2 lbs lost Notes: Hungry at night for the first day or two, then it was a mind-over-matter type thing. It was almost fun to know I could do it! One night I ate my last soup shake at 6:30PM and was up until 12:30AM. That was a little tough but I made it!

Phase 2 begins

Day 4 – I began prepping the night before on the evening of Day 3. It made it a lot easier to wake up and free my mind before my Forum. “I’m getting the hang of this.” “I get to chew something today!!!” I got to eat a salad and it was amazing. Went shopping for Phase 2 today before “salad time” and it only cost me $30 and took less than an hour.

Day 5 – “This is the best food ever!” The salad was off the chain. The banana shake was ridic. “Uh oh, more blended soup.” 🙁 I had to warm the soup a bit.

Notes: Food is getting to be awesome. I’m loving this and wondering how much of this diet I will keep in my normal routine. I feel amazing. So alert. Not tired. I try to run my normal six miles but the last four days I have only been able to do about 2-3 miles at a time until my body says, “I’m done.” Day 5, I actually ran three miles and it wasn’t too bad. I have no gas or being bloated which is HUGE for me! I found out I bought some of the super foods that I didn’t need and could have saved $50. Kept my receipt and going back to Whole Foods.

Day 6 – Morning weigh-in was 166.2 lbs = 6.8 lbs lost. “I feel friggin’ awesome!” “I get a banana chocolate milkshake today!” It was awesome. A little sweet. I’m finding that some of the recipes are a little sweet for my taste so just add a little less honey. I had looked forward to that shake for three days. “There is no way that I weight less today. How the hell…?” Once again, the salad was off the charts and once again I didn’t look forward to the dinner but this time the soup was OK. One more day of soup dinners and then some stuff to chew!

Phase 3 BABY!!!

Day 7 – Weigh-in was 166.0 = 7 lbs lost. I realize after being in this for almost a week that in two more lbs I will be at the best weight of my career! If I can hit 160 by the time this is over it will be insane. Plus, come tomorrow I will begin to exercise at a higher level. I ran today and had more energy than before, almost three miles. “Pumped about my salad!”.

Day 8 – Weigh-in 166.0. Same as yesterday. Disappointed. Not disappointed that the food today is gonna be the dopeness. Blueberry Vanilla shake, here I come. “Spaghetti for dinner!!” Not real spaghetti but close…

Day 9 – “Broke the 166 mark to 165.8!! WooHoo!” Pineapple madness today with some cashew pâté. Exciting shit! Was really hungry last night, not gonna act like I wasn’t. And watching my fiancé and her child eat food that I miss is really tough.

Day 10 – “Gosh Dangit I want to eat some friggin’ meat!” Weighed in at 165.2 today, still going down, five more days. Dinner last night was off the chain and tonight’s seems just as good! I decided to start today with a shake from Day five only because I needed the banana energy to go skateboarding and I didn’t feel like drinking a pear shake three times today. No one noticed.

Notes: I have exercised regularly. I am alert and smart as shit. I crash hard at about 10 or 11PM but I’m ready to get up at 5AM. I also found myself really having a craving for a cigarette and a vodka drink the other day. Weird, right? Looking forward to eating some old meals but I am planning on printing out a ton of these recipes and using them often. It’s all paying off though seeing how I have lost eight lbs.

Day 11 – Relapse! I must have eaten too many nuts last night! Back up to 166.6 lbs. So bummed! I did a ton of activities yesterday and it made me so hungry…I guess today it’s “by the book”. Need to break the 163 mark and ONLY HAVE FIVE DAYS LEFT! I ran up a mountain and back down, 7 miles. Weighed in after that and hit 164. I think it was cheating though. Topped the race off with an awesome chocolate banana shake from phase 2! Humus for lunch and cashew pâté for dinner, couldn’t be more excited…

Day 12 – Whoa! Weigh-in and 168 today. WTF! My body is the most sore it has been in ages. Must be storing water. Still bums be out though since I love seeing the daily loss. Dinner tonight is something with mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. Got to sub it out for another meal in the plan. Same will go for Day 14, more mushrooms. Three days to go!

Day 13 – “Burgers, meatballs, beer, wine, pizza, a chip. Gimme something!” Just kidding. It’s not that bad but I do find myself counting down the days for food I miss. Then again I am scared to eat it because I don’t want to mess with how amazing I feel. The brain is working better than it has in years. The mind is so crystal clear. “I miss coffee.”

Day 14 – Home stretch. “Chicken Fingers!” Watching my lady and her son eat garbage food is torturous. Trying to clean out all the stuff of the refrigerator. Making salads with all kinds of greens. Gonna have some pesto tonight, should be dope. I hopped back on the scale this morning after a roller coaster ride of weight the last few days, mainly because of my workout regimen. Back to 165.2 lbs. That’s a feel-good story for the day! I told y’all I wanted to be at 163 right? Well, I don’t know if I have that much to lose! SO, I will be pumped if I can wake up the morning after Day 15 and am at 164.something. “Newly adjusted Goal!”

Day 15 – “I need to get these recipes. I wish I could just print them out of the book.” Today’s menu: Banana shake for breakfast and snack with exercise in between. Thermo dressing on some greens of choice with sunflower seeds for lunch. A chocolate brownie for snack made with pecans, dates, and cocoa. Dinner shall be Nori rolls full of miso, cucumber, avocado, and carrots (one of my favorite dinners). I made some banana and cashew ice cream to celebrate a spoonful of after dinner. Then sleep. Then weigh-in.

Final weight:  165.0 (I worked out and used weights so I’m swollen.  Probably more like 164.4 lbs.  I feel great.  Thanks Ani.

Excuse the grammatical errors.  I just cut and pasted my notes.  It rings more true. 🙂

Final Notes: Shopping got a lot easier. I would pop into Trader Joe’s every other day or so and just grab a couple of things I might need. A few bucks here and there, not much spending at all. I think overall I spent about $200 on groceries, the most expensive being the super-foods and power-boosters like Spirulina and Macha powder. I got used to it. The hardest parts were at night. You have to keep yourself busy after dinner or you will just get hungry, it’s a fact. I mostly suffered through it but going to a movie or for a walk helps. I will definitely keep to this diet for the most part but burgers and meat will come back into my life, oh how I missed them! The sacrifices that I made for this loss of weight were entirely worth it. My brain, body, and life have felt and worked better than they have in many years. Thanks Ani!

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